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What People Are Saying
About Proeger & Associates

We found Proeger & Associates when we were going through a very tough time with our elderly and extremely difficult parent. They provided us a wealth of information on medical, psychiatric, legal, and fiduciary issues along with a needed calm for the extended family. We were especially thankful for their help to move our loved one into assisted living when he could no longer reside in his home. We value everything they did to help us and could not have accomplished his care without their assistance, advice, and advocacy. As his primary caregiver, they provided me - and my entire family - with sanity during a challenging time.  Proeger & Associates are superheroes!    

–Barbara F.

I will always be grateful for all the help and support my brother received as well as that given to me. Living far away from Florida it was difficult for me to assess his situation, his needs and what best should be done. Thank you.  

–Jim O.

When I began this journey to assist my elderly parents, I had no idea how much help I was going to need.  For the past six years, Charlene Proeger has guided me through many challenges while encouraging me to take care of myself.  She has helped us find an excellent eldercare attorney and caregiver agency; guided us when both my parents needed surgery; and helped us sign up for a special needs hurricane shelter which served us well when Hurricane Irma hit; among many other things.  When the time came for each parent to transition from home to skilled nursing, she helped us find the right place and guided us as a family.  Whether meeting with her or speaking by phone, Charlene gives me peace of mind knowing that her calm help is at hand.

–Elizabeth W.

My relationship with Proeger & Associates began during the most difficult period of my life. 

I live in Tampa and my parents who were in their late eighties and early nineties at that time. They resided in Sarasota & it had become impossible and overwhelming to fulfill their escalating needs. Neither parent was self sufficient and both were gradually becoming cognitively impaired and at times- unreasonable.  

Initially Proeger & Associates helped my elderly father; soon after they also helped my elderly mother, but most of all, they helped me. I don’t know what I would have done if not for their compassionate and skillful assistance. 

Proeger & Associates was literally a life saver for me as well as for my elderly parents.  I love Proeger & Associates and will never ever forget their compassion nor their expertise during this most challenging and difficult period of my life. I know my parents would echo this sentiment.


–Janis N.