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Safely Reuniting for the Holidays

Happy New Year - Proeger & Associates

Many families have plans to be reunited for the holidays this year after a long stretch of time without seeing loved ones.  As we face news of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, it’s important to stay aware of all safety recommendations from the CDC and your personal physicians. 

If your relatives reside in a facility, contact that facility ahead of your visit to find out their current safety protocols.  Each facility is a little different with their guidelines regarding number of visitors, where visits can take place within the building, and mask and/or testing requirements.

After not being in your loved one’s home for a long period of time, you may discover some changes that would suggest additional support could be useful.  Expired food in the fridge and/or lack of food are cause for nutritional concerns.  Stacks of unopened mail indicate that bills might not be paid in a timely manner.  Soiled clothing, piles of laundry, or dust bunnies in the corners suggest that housekeeping is a difficult chore.  Clutter in the main living areas can lead to falls.  Your loved one’s decreased mobility and balance issues may increase risk of falling.

Although these issues may seem overwhelming, there are many practical solutions.  Online shopping for groceries and other essentials can be set up during your visit and you can continue to assist remotely after your visit.  Setting up online bill paying and putting bills on auto pay reduces the stress of paying bills.  Physicians can order PT and OT evaluations through Medicare Home Health Agencies to address fall risks in the home or assisted living apartment.  Private Home Care agencies provide a range of services in the home including hands on care, light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and driving.  These caregivers also provide companionship to your loved ones.  The Private Home Care Services can also be provided in facilities if your loved one is in need of some additional personal support or companionship.

Proeger & Associates, Inc. is here for you as well.  Our Aging Life Care Professionals® are available for consultations, check in visits, and to assist with coordination of any needed services.