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Aging Life Care Management

Our Care Management Services are tailored to specifically meet the needs of our clients and their families. We begin with an assessment to obtain the information that we need to develop a plan of care. Our care planning process involves both family members and clients, and the plan changes as the needs the change. Our Aging Life Care Professionals use our years of experience working with older adults and their families to put together a cost effective plan that will work for you and your loved one.

Assessment Services

The ultimate goal of an initial assessment is to identify the elderly adult's unique needs and capabilities in order to enhance the client's overall level of functioning, maximize independence, and provide the least restrictive living situation feasible. Assessment of his or her physical capabilities, including mobility and ability to function independently in the home and community, are evaluated. The elderly person's mental and emotional status are assessed with close attention to the client's orientation and memory, especially whether or not the elderly person is able to make appropriate decisions and care for him or herself on a day-to-day basis.

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Creating the Care Management Plan

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Once the assessment has been completed, we will work on creating a plan of care that will serve as a “roadmap” for guiding the services that will be provided to our clients. The Care Management Plan will be reviewed and approved by the family and client. It will outline exactly what issues need to be addressed and who is responsible for handling each item. Sometimes family members or outside caregivers are responsible for some of the items in the Care Management Plan. We are constantly reviewing and updating the Care Management Plan in order to meet the current needs of the client. When additional expertise is needed we provide referrals to elder law attorneys, financial planners, and/or estate planners and include those recommendations in our Care Management Plan.

Ongoing Care Management

Once the Care Management Plan has been implemented, the care manager can continue to provide support to the family and older person through regular visits and telephone calls. Ongoing monitoring is often important to ensure that the elderly adult is receiving excellent care as well as to provide support and reassurance to the older person. The care manager works closely with family members, in-home service providers, and assisted living or skilled nursing home staff to ensure the best possible care for the elderly adult.