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Happiness During the Holidays

Happy Holidays - Proeger & Associates

Happiness during the Holidays

We all know that the holiday season can be stressful under the best of circumstances.   This year we must face the challenges of staying apart to stay safe.  However, that does not mean we can’t find ways to bring some joy to our loved ones in different ways.  It just may take some additional thought and planning.

What is important to your loved one?

First you must find out what is the most important part of the holiday season to your loved one. Everyone has their favorite traditions that range from sleeping in on a holiday morning, to baking cookies, to decorating the house.  Find out which things are a priority and then make a plan to accomplish at least one of these things.  Checking on caregiver schedules, food and grocery delivery availability, and technology for virtual visits in advance of holidays will ensure that things go smoothly.

Festive Food

If food is an important part of the holiday plan- start thinking about how to accomplish getting a delicious meal to your loved one.  Send and discuss favorite recipes to caregivers ahead of time so that they can shop and prepare foods for your loved one.  Find a local restaurant that will deliver a holiday meal and order early!  Place grocery orders through various online delivery services.  Wrap up your baked holiday cookies and get them in the mail!

Decorating their space

If there is a friend or caregiver available to assist with decorations, get in touch with that person to figure out what is needed.  Order decorations online to be delivered.  Get grandchildren involved with making paper snowflakes or drawing pictures to hang around the house.  A little bit of homemade cheer can often go a long way.  Send their favorite music CDs to add festiveness to their environment.

Closing the distance with communication

Once the food and decorations are in place, plan a time that you will be in touch with your loved one.  Video calls can be set up during mealtime so that you are all virtually around the table together.  Remind other relatives to reach out to your loved one through phone calls and by sending cards or emails.  Send family pictures with everyone’s names and relationship marked on them so that your loved one remembers the people who are thinking about them.

Remind each other that we are getting close to ringing in the new year.  We are hopeful that 2021 will bring better times and soon we can be celebrating together again.

Let your Aging Life Care Professional® know if they can be of assistance during this holiday season!